This is the completed commission for Mr. and Mrs. Richard King, III of the King Ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas.   I was brought into this project by Doug Wade, a friend I met playing table tennis while we were campground hosts at Padre Island, TX in 2004.  Doug is a Landscape Architect who has been practicing in Corpus Christi for over 30 years.  Mrs. King is one of his favorite clients and they had been working on a project to make a concrete stand-pipe for the city sewer system blend into the extensive landscaping he had done.  This is where I come in!  

The commission specified abstract grasses with portraits of the King's two dogs - Petey and Belle.  Both Mr. Wade and Mrs. King were very pleased with the outcome of the project as was I.  The mural was completed using all Sherwin-Williams outdoor 100% Acrylic Latex house paints (SuperPaint).  I primed the surface with Sherwin-Williams concrete and masonry primer, 2 coats, and used 22 different SuperPaint colors.  I painted this over a series of 22 sessions of approximately 2-3 hours each in 90+ degree heat and humidity over 80%!  It was an exhausting process in the conditions but I was very happy with the completed project!

The concrete stand-pipe before the mural


The background and first layer of grasses in place Close-up of backgound and grasses
Peter working on the near-foreground grasses Peter working close to the ground


Finished mural with one dog's head
Peter next to the mural with both dogs visible


Detail of Petey and Belle Close-up of Petey
Close-up of Belle Detail of grasses Detail of tops of grasses and background




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